Produced, written and directed by
Harry Fear

Camera Operators
Sam Henderson
Sami Shehada

Sound Engineer
Mohamed Abo Saada

Aerial Photography (Drone)
Mohammed Shaat (Future Media)

Additional Voice
VoiceBunny ProVO

Additional Dubbing Mixer
Claire Stevens (Porth Sound)

Promo Editor
Mayar El-Shahat

Fixers (Gaza)
Sanaa Kamal
Mohammed Alzaharna

Fixer (Israel)
░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░ [redacted on request]

Camera hire (Israel)

Nada Yasser
Mohanad Nabhan
Rawan Abuasad
░░░░ ░░░░░░

Additional Translation
A. Suleiman
R. El-Shahat
A. Gomaa
B. Khaled
A. El-Sherbiny
░. ░░░░░░░
░. ░░░░░
M. Shweiki

Xin Ning Lee

H. Douthwaite
A. Latiff

Archive Courtesy of
Government Press Office (Israel)

With special thanks to
John Soos
Frank Ochberg

With additional thanks to
M. Azzam
K. Ferizi
M. El-Shahat

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Al-Mashtal Hotel
Roots Hotel
Marna House Restaurant
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Nikolay Bogachihin

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